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From: Eviden (Formerly Atos) - Joel Smith – Client Executive Partner – HMRC Account 
The Atos (Now Eviden) and QTM Global Services partnership began at a pre-bid stage for a large value public sector contract that had been identified as a high priority for the Eviden business model. 
It was clear from the outset that QTM were the perfect choice as our senior SME partner on this specialist contract. Their expertise in the software testing environment was a huge advantage in beating our competition, from their experience in large delivery teams within HMRC and also their range of options for introducing Automation and Artificial Intelligence alternatives. 
Their knowledge of this, the public sector marketplace, and key personnel, was a key part in Eviden being awarded this contract. 
After supplying advanced KT teams before ‘go live’ dates, QTM were then tasked with supplying and onboarding experienced, high calibre delivery teams within a short timescale. This was achieved with no issues, utilising their own teams and network of associate resources. Very efficient and impressive onboarding process meant that the teams were in place exactly on time. 
QTM also supplied high level test consultancy to work alongside our transformation team. Suggesting new software and tools that we could develop and present to the end client. We have now engaged some of these new practices to the delight of the end client. 
We have worked collaboratively now for over twelve months. During this time there have been absolute minimal number of issues. All of these were dealt this without delay, professionally and always with a positive result. As a partner, QTM are fully entrusted to supply the correct resource, without the need for Eviden to interview the candidates. Thus, saving Eviden management time and money. 
Communication is a vital key in the success of this collaboration. QTM are exceptionally quick to respond to communications, and indeed attend weekly meetings to ensure the smooth running of the whole test team and any potential resource needs. In addition, we monitor the workshare load, and are confident that QTM can indeed meet their required quota and in fact we can rely upon them to fill resource gaps with the minimum of notice, brought on by increased workload. 
On top of the day to day running, we were impressed that QTM request a quarterly review of every single individual they have placed within Eviden. This to not only ensure that the resources perform to the highest standard, but also look at personal development and role satisfaction of the individual too. With regards to improvements in collaborative working systems, QTM have introduced a new timesheet system that we have now embraced too. This has saved many hours of administrative time and made the correlation of timesheets throughout the partnership more accurate and efficient. 
Not only are we impressed with the expertise and quality QTM have as a software testing consultancy, but also in all areas of project and programme management. They bring with them and manage a large alliance of specialist SME’s, a very effective eco-system through one company. As such Eviden are delighted to continue working with QTM, and their alliance partnership, as a significant partner for the foreseeable future on our current and future public sector contracts and projects. 
From: Fujitsu - Kirsty Ramsay, Head of Partnership Ecosystems & Alliances for DDaC (Digital, Data and Cloud UK) 
In 2022 Fujitsu DDaC (Digital, Data and Cloud) was tasked with creating a “true” Partner Ecosystem. The ecosystem would represent a group of organisations, of various sizes and capabilities located around the UK. 
The partner ecosystem is built on collaboration and respect: 
Bid Management – Our partners sit along side us bringing their capability and experiences to bid. If successful, the partner owns and delivers their piece of work. 
Capability/Case Studies – Our partners bring their complimentary experience to enhance our client service and ensuring clients have access to the best. 
Access to Business – By supporting our ecosystem partners we create opportunity to provide a “seat at the table” with larger clients. 
Rapid response – Our partner size and speed to deliver means that we can respond quickly to client challenges. 
QTM group has been working with Fujitsu for a number of years within the test engineering practice, however when we reviewed existing partners for the ecosystem it was clear that QTM Group brought considerably more capability through their own organisation and their Alliance. 
QTM Group was one of the first partners to join our partner ecosystem and has been instrumental in helping us build out from the initial idea to realisation. The team at QTM have built a strong working relationship within our Fujitsu UK organisation. These working relationships have been achieved by close working and collaboration with Fujitsu colleagues and other ecosystem partner organisations. In the past 6 months we have worked on circa 6 opportunities where QTM has been a key partner in the team. The team is made up of others from the ecosystem as well as Fujitsu colleagues. 
This level of respect and willingness to collaborate is creating new ways of working with Fujitsu and other partner representatives. This shows true working together and trust from QTM and the others around the table. This (as mentioned earlier) sits at the heart of how we operate. 
QTM Group has a significant Alliance which can be accessed by our business. Recently QTM have worked with us to support client demands for niche skills by reaching into the Alliance. Again, this way of working sits well within the collaboration and bringing others on the journey that we are promoting. 
From: Jerry Clark – Atos – Vice President, Strategic Engagements 
“QTM were an absolute critical partner in building the strategy, bid and delivery model for the largest UK testing contract won by Atos in a major UK Government department. Their level of collaboration, insight and investment were major factors in our proposition and we have since expanded the relationship across other customers and opportunities. A pleasure to work with.” 
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